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The Original Hemp Straw

About The Original Hemp Straw

The Original Hemp Straw Is made up of the highest concentration levels of Hemp as well as two additional plant materials making it both adaptable to extreme heat and cold. This is important not just for beverages/hot and cold but shipping and storage. Products of a similar nature have been known to crack/ split up the side during shipping or storing for any length of time. The Original Hemp Straws will also sustain a reasonable weight bearing load for bulk orders whereby others cannot.

The Original Hemp Straw is made from a renewable resource as opposed to traditional plastics which are derived from nonrenewable petroleum. Our proprietary formula consists of a varied ratio HEMP, and two other renewable plants. This means the straw is both the sturdiest of its kind and still pliable. The sugarcane gives the straw the look and the feel of plastic. There is a less expensive less effective substitute being used; wheat. which we have found to breakdown in hot beverages and also has ramifications for re-sell: ie gluten issues.

If you are looking for a straw that won’t leave residue in your drink, disintegrate (paper) while using, or add an oily substance to your drink, Pura Vida Hemp Co has the perfect solution. Our straws do not leave a residue and can last for multiple uses without disintegrating.

Thank you for joining us on the journey to save our planet!!

Watch our straw in regular tap water for Over 2 weeks!

Our Bioplastics

Pura Vida Hemp Co is excited to bring a proprietary hemp blend resin that allows our bio-plastic retail bags to be compostable and biodegradable faster than any other comparable strength and durable product on the market in the World. Saving our oceans, land and water sources one bag at a time. The ingredients originate from nature. Petro chemical free and no pollution. Made of plant material in accordance with the standards of ASTM D6400 and OK to compost. The bags are sturdy and as convenient as a regular plastic bag. We offer a myriad of sizes and colors suitable for all occasions. Best of all, they biodegrade within 30 days. Watch the time lapsed video below.


There are many false claims on biodegradable plastic products on the market. Most are biodegradable in a minimum of 70 years if not thousands of years for heavier plastics. Below are a few studies and articles to review to assure your awareness of current products on the market, what purpose they claim to serve, what is the true time to break down, and the method they have to use to achieve the goal of biodegrading or composting.

Our bags are completely biodegraded within 30 days and the straws are 9-12 months max. We don’t have to go an extra step to take them to a facility that has to keep a controlled environment at 140 degrees Celsius for 10 days to compost our bags like most of our competitors’ products. We have clinical proof of our products, time lapsed videos and how our bags and straws do exactly what we state they do. They are truly the most durable biodegradable straw and bag products in the World. Literally ridding our planet of plastic waste.

There truly is no other product like ours on the market. The Original Hemp Straw and Pura Vida Hemp Co are moving to make our product the standard across the World. We have set a high bar for all to reach. Pura Vida!

Current BioPlastic

Current bioplastics in our environment are still plastics that are harmful to our World. Such plastics as PLA is a polymer made up of small lactic acid units. It is more biodegradable than traditional plastic that takes thousands of years to degrade. However, PLA still takes years to biodegrade if it is not recycled back to the remanufacturing plant to then be manufactured again and back out to the consumer. This remanufacturing process creates pollutants and does not solve the World’s plastic waste crisis. Our straws are biodegradable within 9-12 months.


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